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Inner Space Transmissions 21

●○ This week for our Inner Space Transmission, we welcome Sharif Reyhani with his Reggaefied playlist. Its easy to associate Reggae with sunny weather. We are heading into warmer weather slowly but surely over here in England, but spare a thought for Sharif who is currently suffering in grand fashion down under in Australia. And they say nurses have it rough! ○●

Inner Space Transmissions 20

●○ A return journey this week for our Inner Space Transmission. Its the second list from our favourite cosmician, David Johnson – member of the mighty White Manna and the incoming Pure Land Stars.

David’s second playlist pulls in a healthy dose of Cosmic America, Acid Folk and mellow vibes. Another great collection that takes you further out on the range ○●

Inner Space Transmissions 19

●○ This week’s Inner Space Transmission comes courtesy from Static Fantastic – a collective of artists, designers and film makers.

This is a great playlist that pulls in some Kosmische, electronica, psychedelia, disco and even some Glam for you to create a lovely soft focus, hazy playlist. Bonus points for adding Acetone’s languid take on the Midnight Cowboy theme. ○●

Inner Space Transmissions 18

●○ This week’s Inner Space Transmission comes from Alison Wilson, an old friend, saxophonist and former bandmate from back in our time in Tameside weirdos The Beagles Alison has pulled together a great playlist, heavy on the sax – funky but also takes off into other exotic territories. Enjoy ○●

Inner Space Transmissions 17

●○ Local DJ collective, Constant Friction come out of hibernation with a party mix of old classics and new treats that would have slotted perfectly into sets for their regular club nights at Jacksons Pit and The Castle circa 2006-2010.

DJs Steph, Jordan, G and Jake each throw a bunch of tunes at the wall for their 2 hour mixtape. The resultant cocktail takes on hip hop, disco, electro, northern soul, garage, psych, indie rock, Phil Oakey and much more. Enjoy! ○●

Inner Space Transmissions 16

●○ This week’s Inner Space Transmission comes from my pal Simon Smith, writer at the great Fragmented Flanuer blog. Simon has compiled a great playlist here – but gets double bonus points for including the imperious and grossly underrated Boney M on there. Thats the quickest way to my heart. ○●

Inner Space Transmissions 15

●○ Running a little later than usual this week, the latest Inner Space Transmission comes from Elliot Hutchinson, DJ and one of the main cogs at Dig Vinyl.

Elliot has woven together somewhat of a epicurean musical travelogue that unearths French soundtrack deep cuts, Turkish psych and Chinese funk for your delectation. You’re on a journey now, eitherway. ○●

Inner Space Transmissions 14

●• This week’s Inner Space Transmission comes from a good friend of the shop, Jordan Holland. Bringing to bear his long experience as a DJ, Jordan has woven together a great playlist that is all over the map. At this point, I feel that I must thank Jordan for hosting my website and poking me every week to keep the playlist idea going. If, like I do, you love the look of the posts – then that is down to Jordan’s keen eye for design. Given that design savvy, you would hope that Jordan would do this for a day job – well, thats exactly what he does. He has his own design company (www.industrialcreative.co.uk). Anyways, enough of my yakkin’, get your ears around this! •●

Inner Space Transmissions 13

●• Lucky thirteen for this week’s Inner Space Transmission as it comes direct from yours truly. It’s a list that I’ve been tinkering with for a while. Youre probably expecting a list of predictably obscure ‘deep cuts’ from an unconscionably snobby record shop owner (I’m sure I could knock one together. Maybe I will!) – but this one is a list of songs that pick me up – hence the title: The Uplift. I’m more than a little biased, as I think that they are all classics. There are many more that I wanted to add, plus I’m sure that there’ll be loads more that haunt me for not putting in. I hope this playlist has had the desired effect – or maybe I just sink in your estimation from now on. My next list will be a collection of songs that just fell out of the ‘all-time best 100 Peruvian nose flute’ list that is my normal listening •●

Inner Space Transmissions 12

●• A great psych themed playlist from Inner Space customer John Firth. Starting off with Inner Space favourites Brainticket, John ventures deeper into psychedelic territories – with a few stops into Kosmische land. Thanks John! •●

Inner Space Transmissions 11

●• This week’s Inner Space Transmission comes from another long time friend of mine – Mr Andrew Heaton. Andrew’s playlist takes in a leftfield take on electronica, hip hop, jazz with some groovy points in between. Enjoy•●

Inner Space Transmissions 10

●• This week’s Inner Space Transmission comes is from longtime friend and Hip Hop aficionado Mr Sean Crossey from High Violet PR based in Manchester. Ive known Sean for a long time (some would say too long… but not me) and he has an insatiable appetite for music – but there is definitely a special place in his heart for Hip Hop. Sean has pulled together a top list of head nodding Hip Hop tunes for you to hold a miniature block party. Thanks Sean•●

Inner Space Transmissions 09

●• This weeks Inner Space Transmission comes courtesy of Mr David Johnson, fine gentleman and a member of the fine Californian psychonautical rock outfit – White Manna.

David has been kind enough to do two playlists for us – but im going to hold one back for you lovely people right now. David’s first playlist is a great wide ranging survey of Krautrock – one that takes you from one end of the spectrum to the other of this expansive music. Sit back and let Mr Johnson take you for a trip deep into Inner Space •●

Inner Space Transmissions 08

●• This week’s Inner Space Transmission is a mix of post-punk, electronic and minimal wave tracks from audiophile and avid vinyl collector Jill Beth. •●

Inner Space Transmissions 07

●• This week’s Inner Space Transmission comes courtesy of the estimable Mr Christopher Hardman, drummer with the criminally under rated Manchester band Dead Sea Apes. Chris has created an expansive and offbeam playlist that will throw you this way and that, and it is an absolute cracker.

Follow the link to give your hungry ears access to this musical bounty •●

Inner Space Transmissions 06

●• This week’s Inner Space Transmission beams in from Leeds based promoter and noise advocate – Amanda Waring, who operates under the Acid Panda moniker. Amanda has pulled together a great playlist that throws some light on some great new talent rising up from the Leeds and Manchester (by way of London and Brighton) indie and alternative underground.

Thank you, Amanda! •●

Inner Space Transmissions 05

●• This week’s Inner Space Transmission comes from young Eden Leslie. Eden’s playlist leans heavy into 70s blues rock – with a particular focus on his guitar hero, Paul Kossof – but along the way also features some heavyweight luminaries such as Hendrix, The Doors, The Groundhogs (yes!) and JJ Cale.

Clearly, Eden knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to guitarists of yore. Enjoy! •●

Inner Space Transmissions 04

●• This week’s Inner Space comes from the owner of the great Cardinal Fuzz label, Mr Dave Cambridge. Influncee by running a wide ranging psychedelic label like Cardinal Fuzz, Dave takes us on a outbound voyage into Inner Space (see what I did there?) that takes in psychedelic rock, garage, spiritual jazz, ambient, soul and much more – demonstrating that Psychedelic Music doesn’t have to be a reductive genre label – more an expansive descriptor that knows no boundaries.•●

Inner Space Transmissions 03

●• Inner Space Transmissions #3

This week we hear a great funk fuelled playlist from Mark Bedford, proprietor of the fantastic Prendi Il Biscotto. Mark takes the biscuit as he leads us through a great mixture of familiar classics and deepcuts from James Brown, Roy Ayers and The Meters, landing on the evergreen The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

Enjoy •●

Inner Space Transmissions 02

●• Inner Space Transmissions #2

This weeks guest mix comes from local heroes HEAVY SALAD. Ahead of their gig at The Railway this Friday, the Heavy Salad crew have brewed up a heady concoction of out there sounds featuring The Specials, Funkadelic, Pavement and heads off into groovy territory courtesy of Jim Sullivan, Janelle Monae and The B-52s.

Link for their gig in Greenfield this Friday can be found [HERE]

Enjoy •●

Inner Space Transmissions 01

●• Transmissions from Inner Space

Welcome to the first of the Inner Space Transmissions – a series of guest mixes to rock and shock your brains.

If you’d like to submit a mix or playlist, please contact: mixes@innerspacerecords.co.uk

First up: Inner Space Transmissions #1: Tim Morris…

Tim has offered up a great psychy playlist featuring some favourites here: The Heads, White Manna, Sam Gopal (Lemmy in wonderful Donovan meets Hendrix heaviosity vibe – in stock, by the way) and the truly wonderful Brainticket (amazing Hammond heavy Swiss *Krautrock* – also in stock too, by the way).

Enjoy •●

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